September 13, 2017

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Farm News

In case you do not know Egyptian Walking Onions, check out The onions are one of my favorite things in the garden. I got my start many years ago from a dear friend.

The hot weather, smoke and molting have brought egg laying to a halt. We will let you know when chicken eggs are available again!

We have posted a farmhand position with Work Source Oregon. If you know of a young farmer looking, who does not have his or her own farm, and would like a start, please pass this information on. Our website has a section called "Work With Us" where we describe our internships with WWOOF-USA, WorkAway, and NCAT ATTRA for people who are not farmers. We also describe our farmhand position.

We had our Oregon Tilth annual inspection about three weeks ago. We have not learned if our request to sell certified organic dried herbs and seeds has been approved...we are optimistic. And I still need to submit labels for approval. Slowly but surely the plans are coming together. With an extra skilled adult in the workforce, we will put more effort into apples, pears, cherries and black walnuts. We are also beginning to grow all our poultry food.

We will be taking Damson Plums to Community Merchants in the next day or two. If a trip to Union is inconvenient at the moment, you can get your plums at 1012 Adams Avenue in La Grande.