52-Acre Certified Organic, Irrigated Farm
For Rent...or Creative Idea
1393 N. Cove Street, Union, Oregon

All details are open for negotiation and discussion.

My Hutchinson ancestors purchased this farm in 1890. My husband and I have been the most recent operators. Due to age and illness, we must hasten our retirement. Our two adult children do not intend to take over from us.

Among ideas for finding a new operator(s) are the following:
  1. Selling all equipment, tools and household furnishings at auction; and selling or leasing the land and fixtures through a real estate agent and conventional financing;
  2. Renting the land, fixtures, equipment, tools and household furnishings, with right of first refusal to purchase, while we restore the farmhouse;
  3. Hiring, or leasing everything to, a young farmer(s) who gets to know us and our agricultural practices, and who becomes a member of Dora’s Garden LLC. We anticipate being at the farm for several months during the growing season, mentoring, and restoring the farmhouse and old farm equipment. After our full retirement or demise, remaining members of the LLC would own the farm.
Everything is on the table for discussion and consideration. I will be selling approximately 568 acres of cropland and pasture, and 213 acres of dry, hill range land near our small farm, in case our new operator desires a larger operation.

Contact: Susan Isabel Boyd, Manager
Website: www.dorasgarden.com
Email: manager@dorasgarden.com (email is best contact)
Mailing Address: Dora’s Garden, P O Box 6, Union, OR 97883
Telephone: (541) 562-5465