Susan Isabel Boyd passed away June 2021, leaving Dora’s Garden in the hands of her daughter, also named Dora. Her obituary was published in the La Grande Observer and can be found here.

Links to Susan's charities:
Healthcare for All Oregon
NAMI Oregon
Sisters of the Road
Alley Cat Allies
Gatti di Torre Argentina

Photo taken around 1979 at Bob Withycombe’s ranch. From left to right: Susan’s mother Isabel Withycombe Boyd, Bob’s wife Melba Withycombe, Susan, Susan’s brother Charlie Boyd, Susan’s uncle Bob Withycombe, and Susan’s uncle Jim Withycombe.

Photo taken by Ira Cohen at Bob Withycombe’s ranch in July 1994. From left to right: Susan, Susan’s daughter Dora, Susan’s mother Isabel, Susan’s son Eli, Susan’s uncle Bob, and Bob’s horse Blaze.

Susan and Dora in 2012 operating irrigation for the 50-acre hay field behind the garden.

Susan during garlic harvest in 2013. Susan LOVED garlic, and took pride in the quality of the garlic she grew. She was even invited to demonstrate garlic braiding at a garlic festival.

Photo taken in 2016 during a meeting to discuss family farmland. From left to right: Susan’s sister Libby, Dora, and Susan.