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Organic Garlic
Garlic growing in cover crop (and a few weeds)
Buckets of harvested garlic
More buckets of harvested garlic
Cleaning the garlic. Don't try this in a humid area! The bulbs will get moldy. Our farm is in an arrid climate.
Cleaned garlic
Drying garlic
Braided garlic
Braiding garlic
Braiding garlic
Find a spot in the shade. If you are human, braid garlic
Garlic harvest. On the left, from the top, Shandung, Lorz Italian, Romanian Red and Metechi varieties. On the right, it is Italian Late garlic.
Braiding garlic in the shade

Pear Crop
These pears have been grown without pesticide. Insect control is accomplished by virtue of chickens and ducks that eat them.
Our farm manager with newly picked pears.